Belgian documentary maker, Hilse De Groote, decided to start up her own projects. About a year ago she bought film equipment and a one-way plane ticket to Norway. After spending months in this rough but stunning Scandinavian climate, ‘The Riders of the Arctic’ is the very first documentary, introduced to the public. ALONE What makes Hilse’s documentaries so special: almost the whole process is done by herself. Filming, producing, interviewing, directing, editing, advertising, … Except meeting Mel Andrews, absolutely nothing during the shooting of ‘The Riders of the Arctic’ has been planned. No single interview, no single event. During these months in Norway, she experienced the country by heart. Did what she wanted to do, saw what she wanted to see. And her documentaries are the result of it. BY PEOPLE, FOR PEOPLE Even tough she is a one woman-crew, to her it more-often felt like the biggest movie production ever seen. All the people in her documentary are people she met on the way. They became her friends and family. One by one helped, in his or her unique way, to make the documentary as it is today. Made by people, for people. The strongest power on earth: working together.